The 8 Laws of Health

What are The 8 Laws of Health? 

Naturopathy is a powerful way of supporting the body to heal itself, using natural methods and remedies.

The 8 laws of health are the framework naturopaths follow to build, support and repair the body to return to wellness and maintain balance. They are vital for the body, because a body out of balance is subject to dis-ease.

The concept is simple, but in today’s world we have been conditioned to look for ways that are quick or convenient. We are also told not to question our vets and doctors. It has become normal to “treat” symptoms or to care for dis-ease instead of finding what is the root cause and regaining balance.

The 8 Laws of Health

1.  Nutrition            The core of naturopathy, each animal species was created and designed to eat the appropriate foods and in the appropriate quantities for that species. Also eating the food as nature intended meaning whole, unprocessed foods. This helps the body to thrive and be in balance.

   2.  Exercise                          Every living thing needs exercise. We have all heard a body in motion stays in motion. Horses are built to move around and graze. Their bodies are designed to constantly eat small amounts while standing and moving. This movement, along with times of running and playing, keeps lymph functions healthy and blood pumping properly.  

  3.   Water                   Every human and animal need pure, clean water. Our bodies along with our horses are about 70% water. We all need water for proper heart, brain, lung, blood and muscle functions. Its important to have fresh clean water available for your horse always.

  4.   Sunlight                    Sunshine is very important to all of us. Horses have a great sense of how much they need. By providing them access to sun and shade, they will decide how much sun they need. Sunlight enhances the immune system, calms nerves, increases circulation among other things.

  5.  Temperance               Temperance and moderation, a big part of Naturopathy. All things in moderation as nature works over the course of time. We shouldn’t change our horses diets too much or too fast. Temperance reminds us do all things in balance, too much or too little does not create balance.

  6.    Air                   We all need fresh air to sustain life. Making sure that our horses and ourselves get plenty of fresh air truly nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

  7.  Rest                 Rest and sleep are essential in maintaining balance. Rest restores strength to muscles, nerves and the brain. Rest gives our horses time to expel toxins and make repairs.

  8.  Trust               Naturopathy works over a course of time, we allow the body to cure itself, which can be a slow process. Sometimes it can involve a healing response, if you try to suppress the this, the process will be interrupted, and balance will not be achieved. You must trust in the process and stay the course. There is also a trust and bond between horse and owner, we are living beings with emotions and free will. That trust and understanding between us is a very important part of wellness.

The role of mind/body/spirit cannot be overlooked in any discussion about naturopathy.  While conventional medicine takes a mechanistic and reductionist view of health and the body, naturopathy looks at the individual holistically.  When the mind and spirit are depressed, the immune system (which is innate and throughout the whole organism) is also depressed, and therefore not operating at full efficiency.  On the other hand, when the mind and spirit are happy and light, energy flows more freely throughout the whole individual.  Everything is connected.  As Caroline Myss (1996) says in her book Anatomy of the Spirit

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