The Green Stuff!


Many years ago while i was learning to be an herbalist, we where learning how to make salves. I put together a combination and The Green Stuff was born!

Over the years I have  used it on just about anything you can think of to help the body heal from bumps, bruises, cuts, muscle injuries and everything in between!

A couple years ago one of my clients talked me into making it to sell so more people could have access to it and I am so humbled by the comments and what everyone has told me they have used it for! The Green Stuff has quite a following!

I use Calendula and Comfrey in the blend they are widely used topically for sprains, bruises, burns, abrasions, inflammation etc. the soothing of coconut oil is also widely known, along with some great essential oils.

I have personally used it for bruising and cuts on myself and all my animals! You can find it in the shop tab on website and as always don’t hesitate to ask me anything about it!

I would love to send you some and here what you have used it on!

I Hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment, ask me questions and share! Robin

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