How Bowen Therapy can help your Horse

I use it for many horses with a wide range of issues. Bowen can be applied as a sports therapy, functional muscular-skeletal therapy, and energy booster; a stress reliever and more! The Bowen Technique is a therapy that is widely used to treat many human conditions. In addition to humans,Tom Bowen also worked on greyhounds and racehorses, achieving remarkable results.

So how can it help your horse? If your horse has lameness issues you just cant resolve or doesn’t carry himself correctly, your horse was injured or has a neurological issue and needs help recovering, you have a horse is sore from competition, if your horse likes to buck changing gaits, your horse doesn’t pick up one lead correctly, if your horse bends better one way than the other, if your horse has muscle atrophy, you have an older horse that needs a little help getting around better, if you have a horse that has had attitude changes, the list goes on but you get the general idea.


Using Bowen is a gentle, non-intrusive, hands on therapy that stimulates the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Bowen promotes healing, deep relaxation, pain relief and helps normalize all the body systems including circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, muscular. It initiates self-healing, prompts the cells, tissues, organs and structures to perform more efficiently. A well-balanced body functions better in removing toxins, absorbing nutrients, eases neurological tensions and fighting injury and disease. Bowen helps the body balance itself.

Bowen Therapy can be one of your most valuable tools in keeping your horse in the best condition possible. We ask a lot from our horse athletes, ask yourself if Bowen could help you get the results you have been reaching for. There is more detailed information about Bowen Therapy on my website too!

I Hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to comment, ask me questions and share! Robin

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