The Supplement Merry go Round


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Are you riding the supplement merry go round? Once you start a supplement for your horse do you just keep giving it forever? Do you ever wonder does my horse still need this? Can I stop giving it and if so how do I know when to stop? Are you giving them a specific supplement for a specific issue? Are you trying to help his body resolve the issue? or are you having to replace something in his body?

Did you know that by the time you notice an issue with your horse it has been there for a long time? By the time you notice something it has been working its way through your horse for a while. It’s a symptom of a deeper imbalance. Does this sound familiar, you see a symptom you research why your horse is having that symptom, you get a whole list of supplements popping up that say they are the answer to your horse’s symptom. Does any of your research take you deeper? Does any of it link it to an imbalance that explains why the symptoms occur in the first place?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know how to help your horse be able to correct the deeper imbalance and resolve the symptom from the source? to help your horse correct the deeper imbalance and bring him back to health?

Let’s say your horse has a dull coat and lacks muscle tone, he could use to gain some weight and fill out. If you research the first thing you find is fortified grains, weight builders, feed more, buy more, sprays for you to apply to make his coat look better. You do all that and still don’t get the results you want or if you do, they are short lived or other symptoms pop up, sound familiar?

What if you could look at your horse differently? What if you went deeper to the imbalanced systems that are creating the symptoms instead of just covering up symptoms just to deal with recurring issues and new issues. Ask yourself, what do the kidneys do? What do the intestines do? What do the lungs do? How do they do it? What do they need to do it well? If we look at the horse from a cellular level and see what their cells need to function properly. What if we looked from the inside out instead of just the outward symptoms? We can feed the inside and the cells and in turn the cells can function as they should. The result is no outward symptoms because the inside body functions are being well fed and functioning as they should! What if we could also do this with more natural and whole foods closer to what your horse would normally seek out if he could?

Answers to questions like that is how you can get your horse on a path of health and wellness in no time. If you’re looking for support or to speed up the process please email me to set up an individualized nutrition program!

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